New Coffee Table Book

Missouri Wineries BookJust in time for Christmas comes the beautiful new book by Johnathan Eccher and Jeremy Hollingshead, “A Tour of Missouri Wineries”. It’s a delightful romp through the wineries of our state with great photos of Missouri’s over seventy wineries.  From the Bootheel to the Iowa border Eccher and Hollingshead take you through Missouri’s beautiful vineyards and wineries with descriptions and colorful text.  We’ve already had some visitors to our winery bring by a book using it as a guide for a explore the Missouri River Valley wine country and beyond.  One family even told us that had planned to visit all of Missouri’s wineries this year – quite an ambitious venture – and they asked that we autograph their copy as proof of their visit!

Yes, the Yellow Farmhouse is included in the colorful pages as are photos and biographies on many of the Missouri Wineries and their winemakers. Eccher and Hollingshead have gone to great lengths to produce an informative and entertaining tribute to Missouri’s wineries. The photos are gorgeous and the information is deep and thoughtful. It’s the kind of writing that we all prize, and we know that this book is destined to become a classic.

We carry “A Tour of Missouri Wineries” in our Tasting room.  What a great coffee-table addition to your home or wine library. It’s the perfect Holiday gift for the wine lover in your circle of friends or that family member that has everything.

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