First 2013 Whites Are Bottled


Our first bottling of the 2013 Vintage was our “Defiance Station Traminette – and is it a beauty. It’s bright, clear, and refreshing with hints of pineapple and grapefruit. This wine, from grapes from our small vineyard just west of the Yellow Farmhouse and from our grower, Sunny Hill Vineyards up in Elsberry, Missouri, has a clean and fruity taste that goes well with snacks, seafood and cheeses. It cleared so spectacularly that we couldn’t resist putting it in to a sparkling clear bottle that shows off its crystalline character. You can truly “read a newspaper through it”!

We’ll release this new Traminette on Barrel Tasting Weekend – (but our Wine Club will get to sample it first!). Like most whites, it should be drunk early, and this is a perfect wine to kick off the 2014 Season. No price increase on this one, either, making it one of our best values.

Traminette is one of Missouri’s best known whites. It’s a hybrid that came out of experimentation by Cornell University’s Wine & Grape experimentation station in New York State. It’s a little finicky to grow, but our Vineyard Master, Paul Wilson, has babied our small Traminette vineyard through several years to bring it to this point. This year’s crop came through with flying colors and the taste is some of the best we’ve seen.

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