Just Released… 2013 Vignoles

2012 & 2013 Vignoles – quite a difference!

0926-ARTICLE-NewVignolesWinesVignoles has always been a favorite of Missouri wine drinkers. It’s been one of the more prolific grapes harvested in the Missouri River Valley. One reason for its popularity is it is often compared to Chardonnay; another reason is that it is often made sweet.

Well, at the Yellow Farmhouse we like dry wines so we tend toward the “dry” in making our Vignoles. The 2012 Vintage Vignoles came out of the scorching hot summer of 2012, and the result was a dry, very acidic wine – great with spicy foods like Mexican or Sechuan Chinese. But to many the acidity was too rough, and they passed.

Our 2013 is a different wine. Matured in a great great-growing year of moderate (at least for Missouri) weather, the acidity is lowered, and the flavor layers beneath reveal a softer, fruitier Vignoles – more like people have come to expect. You’ll find tones of peach and pineapple, together with a flinty aftertaste that makes it a perfect companion for milder foods. Try it with the mid-sharpness cheeses like the Spanish Manchego or Port Salut.

Come in and taste them both in our Tasting Room. You can savor the high acidity 2012 and then compare the milder 2013. It’s quite a comparison considering they both came from the same vineyard, and were made the same way. It’s a great demonstration of how the terrior, and especially the weather, can affect the juice and ultimately, the wine.

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