A View From Behind the Bar


NEWS >> “Defiance Merchant’s Association Wins St. Charles County CDC Award for Best Promotion of a Place or Area.”

It’s been 10 years since Linda and I decided to purchase a failed bed and breakfast and start a winery. Somehow, we felt that there were things stirring in Defiance. It was a beautiful place; the KATY Trail was getting more and more use: a few shops had opened; the Daniel Boone Home and Village was growing under the umbrella of Lindenwood University. So we put down roots and started a winery. There was only one winery in Defiance then – now… well, you know the story.

There was not much of an organization here then – just a few people that met irregularly and talked about what they could do to promote the area. Not much got done, but we had some ideas. We reorganized the group; asked others in the area to join, and began seriously inquiring as to what we could do to promote the “Historic Daniel Boone Wine Area”.

We promoted Bicycle Rides on the KATY Trail, a Christmas Parade, Automobile Shows, a Dog Parade, and Holiday Open House with the Merchants. It’s amazing what a group of determined people can do when they put their minds to it. Acknowledgement of Defiance as a true “destination” was soon to follow.

We are proud of the recognition awarded us last week by the St. Charles CDC at it’s Annual Dinner Award Program. It was unexpected and sincerely appreciated.

There is also a feeling that “the best is yet to come.”


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