A View From Behind the Bar

And you thought you knew me!

As many of you know, my law practice took me to many places both within and without the United States. Traveling was a big part of the job. Those of you who travel in your work know that there is a lot of “down time” when you are traveling, and lots of lonely nights in hotel rooms with nothing but a TV to occupy you. I adapted fairly well to the traveling part, but I could not sit still and watch television – so I started writing. I had a laptop, so why not?

My first book, “Exit Laughing” was released in 1999. It was a business-oriented book aimed at business owners who were at the end of their business cycle and looking to sell or pass the business to the next generation. Apparently someone liked it as it was a printing of 10,000 copies and sold out. You can still buy it used in the Amazon Used Book Section.

A Novel by Winemaker Dale Rollings | Yellow Farmhouse WineryOver a thirty year period I wrote at least 4 books (some were novels) and started several more. They were, and still are, unpublished, and in draft form, and will require a lot of work to finish. But, over the last year or so I have worked on, and finished, a second.

On October 15 my second book, a novel, was released by Amazon, and is available on Kindle. It is a novel entitled “The Trunk”. It is set in South St. Louis before and during WWII, and tells the story of a family of newly-wed conservative, God-fearing folks of German descent trying to get through in Post-Depression St. Louis. To most they were the perfect young hard-working couple. In reality they were spies for the Nazi Third Reich!

Many of you are surprised that I would have the time to write a novel. Let’s just say that we all find time to do the things we like to do. I like writing. I also enjoy making wine. In a funny way they are not so unrelated.

If you like our wine, maybe you’ll like my writing. You can find it on Amazon Kindle either by searching “The Trunk” or the name of the author: “Dale Rollings”.

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