Face it, St. Louis, the Rams Are Gone.

Let’s Turn the Page.

All right, St. Louis, it’s time for a reality check. Your Rams do not love you any more. All your efforts to show your affection; all your plans for a new stadium; all the money you are willing to spend to keep them here, are being shunned. Mr. Kroenke is going to take his Rams and go home to his new palace in the sky in Los Angeles. The marriage is over; the divorce is imminent.

I still hear people begin sentences with: “If the Rams leave….”, or “If we get a new stadium…”, or “It looks like Kroenke is trying to move…” C’mon people, quit living in the past. It’s a done deal, and all the efforts of Dave Peacock, the Mayor and Governor are a waste of time. It’s not “if” it’s “when”… You can’t save a marriage by buying a new house. Even if we build that beautiful stadium on the riverfront the Rams are not going to play in it.

If announcing plans for a new stadium in Inglewood; going before the Inglewood City Council for approval; agreeing to spend his own money to build in Inglewood while spurning a proposed contribution by St. Louis of four hundred million to build a new stadium; and refusing to take phone calls from anyone in Missouri isn’t enough to convince you this is a done deal, you are living in la la land.

St. Louis MO Proposed Riverfront NFL Stadium | Yellow Farmhouse Winery

Oh, it’s been a good marriage – a little rocky once in a while, but generally pretty good. St. Louis supported the Rams. We bought PSLs. We sold out the Dome; our broadcast sports community touted them, even in the lean years. Oh yes, and there was the 1999-2000 season when the Rams actually brought home a Super Bowl championship to St. Louis. Wasn’t it great? But that was then; and this is now. The Rams are leaving, and there is nothing we can do about it.

So, what do we do now? We could live in the past, like “Do you remember the 1904 Worlds Fair”, or “How about that Gas House Gang?” or, “Wasn’t it great having the “Greatest show on Turf?” St. Louis is pretty good at living on its history. Or do we pick ourselves up, wipe off the tears, the dust and the memories of times gone by, and say “Let’s get on with it.” The Rams are gone. We are a good (maybe even approaching great!) football city. Let’s find a team that likes and appreciates us. Let’s build that new stadium for a team that recognizes the benefits of St. Louis, its fans and its enthusiasm for football. If what Sinatra said: ‘Love is lovelier, the second time around…” why not the third? The Rams aren’t leaving because of anything we have done.

We can start by telling Mr. Kroenke that we will not renew his one-year lease for next year. We have other fish to fry. We don’t need the distraction of a spouse that is going to leave while living in our house. Surely, he will understand that, if he can ignore us, we, too, can ignore the Rams. They are history – the past. We have to go about our football future, and it doesn’t include the Rams. So, Mr. Kroenke, we are canceling the lease for next year. We know that your stadium isn’t ready in Los Angeles, but that is your problem. We’re sure you can find a place to play for a year or two ’till it’s ready, but you’ll have to deal with that, not us. St. Louis didn’t create this problem. Oh, and by the way, don’t call us; we are finished talking.

So, we raise a glass of Yellow Farmhouse wine to the future of the St. Louis “________s” (whatever their name is). We promise to love and support them. We’ve shown we can, and will, do that. And we welcome NFL Football back to St. Louis by whatever name it is called.


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