Great Corkscrew, Reasonable Price

Don’t you just love corkscrews that bend and flex in your hand? Or won’t engage the cork because the screw is too dull to force in? Or, perhaps, with little tiny knife blades that won’t cut the cap? Well, after a long quest we think that we have found the perfect corkscrew – and at a price that does not require a mortgage on the house!

The new Yellow Farmhouse burled walnut handle opener is the perfect companion for your bar, or your picnic basket, and it won’t break your bank.

The corkscrew's wood handle feels good in your hand and is reasonably priced, too. | Yellow Farmhouse WineryIt’s a double-hinged opener with a hardened steel corkscrew that holds a sharp point and digs deep into the cork giving you full-purchase leverage. Its handle is longer than many cheaper corkscrews so you can get a good long pull on the cork. The double hinge allows for an initial shorter pull with lots of leverage as a starter, then a longer, deeper pull to extract even the longest corks in one movement.

The cab-cutting sabre is serrated and cuts through foil and heat-shrunk caps with ease. No more going around twice, three times, etc. to free the cap and reach the cork. The serrated sabre cuts it clean.

The corkscrew is heavy steel and won’t bend or break, even on the toughest artificial cork. It feels hefty in the hand, and is long enough for a good grip. No more wimpy, too small, openers.

And it looks good! Its brushed stainless steel is finely trimmed and easy to hold. The Yellow Farmhouse emblazoned wood walnut handle feels good in your hand. Your friends will be envious!

We’ve got’em, and they cost less than 1/4 of the high-priced French made corkscrews.

So get rid of that old throwaway in the kitchen drawer. Get a corkscrew that you can be proud of, and will give you a good pull. After all, the pleasure of wine is not all in the drinking!


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