Peanuts? Yes, We Have THE Peanuts.

We are constantly on the lookout for snacks, munchies, and goodies that pair perfectly with Yellow Farmhouse Wine or one of our artisan beers. In our quest for a salty pairing (especially with white wine, or a glass of Urban Chestnut Zwickel), we recommend peanuts. Not just any peanut – fat, juicy U.S. Grade A #1 peanuts found only at the source in Virginia.Peanuts and Wine - the better the better | Yellow Farmhouse Winery

Our quest led us to the Hubbard Peanut Company of Sedley, Virginia roasters and packagers of Hubs Virginia Peanuts, where less than 1% of the American Peanut crop can meet their exacting standards for the perfect peanut. Here is a pure Virginia-grown peanut where only unadulterated Sea Salt and Oil are added in just the right amounts to produce a meaty, plump roasted, and great tasting peanut.

They pack them in vacuum sealed 12 oz tins, (just the right size for sharing and munching in the Pavilion or on the Hill) date-stamped of course, so that when you open the tin you get the fresh roasted aroma of the finest peanuts that America has to offer. They are just the right size to share with a bottle of Yellow Farmhouse Vignoles or Aromella. We frankly, like them with Chambourcin or Norton.

But we did not stop there. As long as we were on a quest for great peanuts we thought that we would look at Honey Glazed and Spicy Hot coated peanuts, too. Hubs did not disappoint us. You have three choices of:

  • Hubs regular Home Cooked Salted Peanuts
  • Hubs “Honey Kissed” Peanuts or
  • Hubs “Sweet Heat” Spicy Peanuts

So, you asked for peanuts – we got peanuts – the best American peanuts from the heart of Peanut Country – Virginia.

Try ’em; you’ll like ’em.

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