Yes, New Wine Tasting Stemware

We made a change in the logo on our new shipment of tasting glassware – and people are loving it!

Ever since we replaced the white vinyl chairs with the colored Adirondack chairs up on the grassy hill people have associated Adirondack chairs with a glass of wine with Yellow Farmhouse.

New logo glassware in the Tasting Room | Yellow Farmhouse WineryWe tried out a new Adirondack Chair logo on some of our 2015 t-shirts and caps and lots of people bought them. So, when it came time to re-order we thought: “Why not?” and we put the new logo with the Adirondack chair and a glass of wine on our glasses. People loved them! How do we know that people like them? It’s easy – our theft rate has doubled!

As they say, “no good deed goes unpunished!” and so it is with tasting glassware. The more people like them, the more they steal them!

When we opened the Yellow Farmhouse to the public (It’s been 8 years ago) our competitors and colleagues told us that if you do not serve wine in little dinky plastic or paper cups for sampling you’ll be sorry! “If you use real glassware they’ll steal you blind”, they said. We didn’t believe it, so we bought a commercial dishwasher especially for stemware and we started our tasting in quality stemmed wine glasses embossed with our logo. In one way our competitors were right – our customers stole us blind! But in another way, they were dead wrong – we are not sorry we use real glass stemware! We know the wine tastes better, and many of you told us you appreciated it. Despite the fact that we lose about a 1800 glasses a year to pilferage, we take it as a compliment; we just wish it didn’t happen.

But here is the kicker: virtually all of our colleagues up and down the Valley are now tasting wine in glass stemware! What do you know?

And no, we are not going to make you put up a deposit or leave your credit card to assure that you return the glass as several of our competitors have suggested. It is not our style.

We do hope however, that you will bring the glasses back after you use them. We appreciate that.


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