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As St. Louis wineries go we are the first found on Hwy 94 West of the I-64 intersection.   Make it an afternoon with us.

Nestled in the Missouri River Valley west of St. Louis is the tiny town of Defiance. A metropolis approaching 100 people, Defiance hasn’t changed much since its early days as a railroad depot stop. Bicyclists of the Katy Trail and weekend motorcycle riders are among the many visitors these days. Houses of white clapboard line the winding Missouri highway 94 as it twists southward towards the Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard & Winery at the corner of town.

Winery Events Pavilion > Entertainment, Wedding Receptions, Private Parties | Yellow Farmhouse, Defiance MO winery near St. LouisYellow Farmhouse Vineyard & Winery isn’t big in terms of how much wine we produce and we’re comfortable with that. We think a personal touch and knowing more of our customers is really important. All of our wines are handcrafted meaning we heap all kinds of personal attention on them from the moment the grapes appear on our vines to when we insert the cork on the bottle.

We’re first among the St. Louis wineries located in the Missouri River Valley on Highway 94. We’re in the town of Defiance near Augusta, MO. In fact, we are near the Augusta appellation, the United States of America’s first registered wine growing region. You heard that right. Napa Valley and the state of California don’t have this distinction so you know this wine region has been doing it for awhile. We have a pretty good idea of how to make wine.

By the way, for those of you who enjoy bicycling on the Katy Trail, parking for the Defiance depot is across the street from our winery.

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  • To get an idea about how we go about making the handcrafted wines available in our wine tasting room >>
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  • Our property is “joined-at-the-hip” with Mother Nature offering views from Picnic Hill overlooking the Missouri River Valley that provide a tonic few can resist. To receive a brief tour of our vineyard and winery >>
    Visit our Yellow Farmhouse “Walkabout” page.
  • Missouri’s Wine Country is found along a twisting stretch of Highway 94. We’re St. Louis wineries, geographically speaking, found about 30-minutes west of downtown St. Louis. There are other wineries in Missouri but no region offers such a rich history and affection for wines dating back to about 1810. For a sense of this area’s beginnings and long-abiding love of wine >>
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