Not so long ago the proprietor of Yellow Farmhouse envisioned the property having potential as a winery.  Before Dale arrived the property was a collection of privately held land parcels and homes.   Something about the town of Defiance, the breathtaking view of the Missouri River Valley in the distance, and the country charm of the surroundings caught his fancy.  So before the grape vines could be planted, before the production facility, before the wine tasting room – before anything Yellow Farmhouse; Dale began assembling the property parcel-by-parcel.

Events Pavilion > Winery Near St. Louis | Yellow FarmhouseNature’s scenery is largely unchanged.  A walk up the grass hill, Picnic Hill, and you will find a place to throw a blanket down.  A look out from a vista on the hill and you’ll appreciate what Dale saw in the property early on.  It’s hard to beat the serenity of an afternoon up on Picnic Hill.  A picnic spread with a bottle of Yellow Farmhouse wine is all you need to enjoy an afternoon in Defiance – Yellow Farmhouse style.

Within a brief downhill walk of Picnic Hill you will pass the Adirondack chairs nestled on the slope, and our new events pavilion built into a portion of Picnic Hill.  The strapping Colorado cedar posts and ceiling trusses structure welcomes many afternoons of live entertainment and events under its roof.

Walk down the slopes further and you’ll pass our Norton vines, and come to our Wine Tasting room. We’ve handled groups of 30 – 40 people at a time here. Customers mention that the room provides a General Store – like atmosphere. Unpretentious in design, our tasting room is open Saturdays and Sundays over some 9 months throughout the year. Our staff will assist you with a pleasant manner and smile.

There’s plenty of room to grow in the coming years on both sides of the hill. The original winding private street still winds down the hill from Defiance Road. The yellow farmhouse of our winery’s namesake, after a major face-lift inside and out, is a private residence now.

Relax > St. Louis Area Winery | Yellow FarmhouseAcross from the Wine Tasting Room is our production facility.  Come September and October, every year, we’ll take in the harvest of our Norton grapes, selected varieties from around Missouri, and a few choice harvests from out-of-state.  We use every square inch of the production room these days.  Inside is an eclectic collection of fermentation systems from around the world.  We hand-craft every Yellow Farmhouse-label wine.  The process begins here on the property with the grapes being mashed and collected for fermentation, moves to barrels, and over-a-period-of-time ends up in a Yellow Farmhouse bottle of wine.  On days when Dale or another winemaking teammate has a free moment, if asked, we’ll show you how we do it.

Unpretentious, straightforward, and respectful of Mother Nature with wine from our slopes and hand-picked Missouri vintners offer many ways to find fun and entertainment.  That’s what you’ll find in your walkabouts at Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard and Winery.