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Events Pavilion at Yellow Farmhouse | Defiance MO winery near St. Louis

Events & Receptions at Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard & Winery

Long before construction, Dale and Linda began collecting pavilion ideas during travels to wineries throughout the U.S. and Europe. Foremost, the pavilion would provide a spacious covered events and receptions area. The structure would need to be a rustic complement to the vineyard with an intimate seating capacity ensconced by sizable amounts of space under the roof. Accordingly, our pavilion hosts events and receptions of up to 75 people. The space we’re referring to is the cubic feet under the roof. The roof’s cedar ceiling beams are upwards of 18-feet off the floor; an authentic open-air design. Beautiful, rugged designed events pavilion at Yellow Farmhouse | Defiance MO winery near St. Louis

We carved out a portion of the hill and reinforced it with large landscaping boulders to locate our events pavilion. Strapping Colorado cedar posts and ceiling trusses anchor the structure. The pavilion’s aesthetics are complemented by this very distinctive fusion of cedar, stone masonry, patterned stamped concrete, and the winery’s surrounding landscape. Mature trees add shade from the afternoon sun while Missouri Augusta valley breezes roll off our winery’s Picnic Hill to naturally ventilate the entire seating area. Nearby Norton and Traminette vineyard areas border other sides of the pavilion.

Weekend customers of our Tasting Room already find the new pavilion a great place to bring a bottle (or two) of our wine and deli (or a picnic lunch they bring) for relaxing the afternoon away. That’s what happens over the weekend until 5pm. Otherwise during the week and weekends after 5pm our pavilion is an enchanting venue for a wine country event or wedding reception we can host for you.

Suited for spring, summer, and fall events our pavilion utilizes the valley breeze to stay comfortable. Reminiscent of great verandas found in Hawaii and coastal climate destinations the gentle breeze off our hill provides a flow-through natural comfort while the pavilion’s high ceiling roofline keeps the heat away from the seating area.

The vineyard’s landscape provides an airy, natural setting complementing the pavilion’s design and cedar construction. The stone fireplace presents a commanding backdrop for an event’s head table. An example of the finest precision masonry craftsmanship found in the Midwest, the pavilion fireplace anchors attention to any event’s ceremonial table of honor. It’s one of many architectural features found in our wine country events pavilion receiving accent lighting from the extensive array of lighting operating under the roof.

5PavilionFall12_SideGarden4Words do an injustice describing the detailing and craftsmanship found in our pavilion’s construction. Customer comments during our spring 2012 opening weekend were very complimentary including “a great place to bring friends and family to again and again” to “there’s definitely nothing quite like it in the Missouri River wine country; really.” These comments came before the finishing touches were added, too.

It’s difficult to say what’s better – a daytime event where sunlight gives your eyes the full 360-degree fusion of colors surrounding the pavilion or the heartwarming evenings under a star-dotted sky for a special event or wedding reception. Actually, an event after 5p.m. offers both. That’s why it makes sense to contact us as soon as you have an idea of the date and time of your upcoming event. There are a limited number of weekend dates during the spring, summer, and fall to reserve your event. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

So come out over the weekend and enjoy some of your afternoon with us, drink our wine, and let the comforts of our new pavilion help along friendly conversations and relaxing with family and friends. And when you are planning an event of up to 75 people (maybe more) that deserves a memorable location to trigger the fires of celebration and laughter you needn’t look further than Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard and Winery.

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