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Our Handcrafted Wines

We heap all kinds of personal attention on our wines from the grapes crush to their bottling. This way we assure each brings excitement to your taste buds. Deservedly the centerpiece of our wine club, our wines set the table for our member’s enjoyment.

The Nifty Gift & More

We will send you a quality milled steel and wood French waiter’s wine opener with your first shipment. Your adventure calls for pre-release barrel events, complimentary wine tastings at our Tasting Room, and invitations to members-only events.

Club Members-Only

Our website’s new online store has you in mind. We are adding an assortment of “members-only” web content on topics such as food & wine, wine education, and travel logs of visits to cherished wine destinations around the world.
Stay tuned.


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Why does Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard & Winery have a wine club?

Our family is in this business for sharing our joy of winemaking with others. The wine club is for our customers who want to enjoy our wines on a regular basis and be a part of the wine-loving community at Yellow Farmhouse. We’ll keep you in the middle of “what’s happening.” We’ll announce events and such. You decide what interests you. It’s as easy as clicking the “Signup Online” button near the top of this page to get underway. We’ll get your first shipment and send your gift within 10 days. Then, every four months we’ll send you a selection of two Yellow Farmhouse wines. That’s it! Simple. Enjoy the nectar of the Gods.

What is the best way to contact Yellow Farmhouse about my Wine Club membership?

Contacting us via our website’s “Contact Us” form probably works the best, but dropping by our winery’s Tasting Room during the weekend works as well, or giving us a call at (314) 409-6139; whatever works best for you.

What are the standard features of our Wine Club membership?

  • Every four months we send you two wines. They could be white, red or rose’. We’ll mix them up, but if you have a preference, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate your individual tastes.
  • You get a discount of 15% on the wines (up to 11 bottles); and 20% on a full case. That’s our best discount. Your credit card will be charged upon shipment.
  • We’ll send you a quality milled steel and wood French Waiter’s Wine Opener with your first shipment; a nifty gift for joining. It’s a spectacular piece of engineering, and one you will be proud to own.
  • Stay as long as you like. No contracts. No obligation to continue. We want you satisfied!

What are among the more special features of our Wine Club membership?

All Wine Club members receive these program benefits and have access to the following Yellow Farmhouse
Partner offerings:

  • Complimentary “no charge” wine tasting for you or your guests (up to 3) when you visit our tasting room. Our $5.00 tasting fee is waived for our Wine club members and their guests on every visit,
  • Pre-release wines and special lots are exclusively available to our Wine Club members,
  • Invitations to tasting events and appreciation nights during our open season,
  • Invitations to seasonal promotions and entering chance to win our members-only giveaways through our website,
  • A 20% discount on all purchases (except consignment items) at Robin’s Nest on the KATY Trail just across the street. If you haven’t seen the Robin’s Nest on the Katy Trail you have missed one of the most unique shops in our part of the country,
  • Parson’s House B & B offers Wine Club Members a 25% discount on overnight lodging & breakfast. Your host, Norm Keller, has one of the most unique places in the Valley – a Civil War era mansion up on the hill just a 1/2 mile from the Yellow Farmhouse in Defiance,
  • Das Gasthaue Nadler, right across the street from the Yellow Farmhouse, offers Wine Club Members a 25% discount on overnight lodging. Reservations required with your hostess, Jacque Nadler,
  • Elysian Fields Bed & Breakfast in Defiance welcomes you with a 25% discount on overnight lodging & breakfast. Your hosts, Diane & Brian offer gracious accommodations in a fun weekend retreat, and
  • You’ll be on our Mailing list to receive the Defiance News, our “once-in-a-while-when-we-get-around-to-it” newsletter. And, you’ll get invitations and advance notice to special events like our Barrel Tasting, Release Parties, Wine Dinners, and Christmas Events.

Can I order wine shipping it as a gift to someone or for a special occasion?

Of course, but during 2011 as we roll out our online store we are shipping, for now, inside the State of Missouri and Idaho. Why Idaho? Well, we have a Wine Club member out there and the paperwork is in place. Anyway, we will accept orders for gifts of wine and our other merchandise billed to your credit card. A personalized gift card can be enclosed. At our online store we have a “special instructions” box that comes in handy to tell us how you’d like things done. If you’d like to get a call from us before shipment just let us know via this box. If you have other questions feel free to contact us at (314) 469-1069. We’d be happy to help.

Can I give a wine club membership as a gift?

Absolutely, gift memberships are available for purchase to anyone 21 years-of-age and older via this page’s “Signup Online” button. You can visit our Tasting Room over the weekend at the winery to setup a gift membership or call us at (314) 469-1069 for assistance. If you are accustomed to purchasing over the Internet you will find our signup process straightforward and easy to use.

How can I order more wine?

That’s a great question because our Wine Club program currently ships two (2) bottles of wine a total of three (3) times per year. I don’t know about you but, outside of drinking water, wine is our favorite drink. Two people will drink a bottle of wine around a dinner meal. What happens the other 359 days of the year? Well, you have two (2) options now. One, drop by our winery’s Tasting Room and purchase a bottle(s) over the weekend during our open season. And, two, go to our website where you can place orders online (coming April 2011) for shipment 24×7 year-around. Using your membership account eMail and website generated password (i.e. we will set your online member account up) you can purchase the wines you’d like with your member discounts automatically applied in a secured, encrypted session. That’s how easy it is. The other, albeit slower, way is using our “Contact Us” form on our website and send us the details for your wine purchase.

Do my member discounts apply to others like my spouse, girlfriend, or family members?

We researched the ins-and-outs of wine club programs around the country and, as other wine clubs do, the benefits apply only to spouses. We hope that no other family members, friends, girlfriends, or boyfriends not receiving discounts doesn’t put a crimp in matters. That said, our wine club members tell us that one of the most attractive benefits to being a member is the complimentary wine tastings for Wine Club members and up to three (3) guests every time you visit us over weekends. By the way, your complimentary tasting benefit is available only to members and their personal guests. If you have a business that charges your clients a fee for a winery visit, please contact us via our website or call (314) 409-6139 to purchase tasting “tickets”.

How will I know what the shipping charges are for member shipments?

That’s one of the beautiful features to our new online store coming out in April. Currently we ship via UPS ground. We have a real-time shipping feature setup on our website that will figure out what your shipping charges are. Pretty neat, isn’t it? So, if you’re ordering from our online store it’s part of the order process. For manual orders the amount shown on your credit card statement includes any discount plus shipping and sales tax (where applicable).

Can I pick up the wine at the Tasting Room and save shipping charges?

Absolutely. If you are a Wine Club member and your wines are scheduled to ship just call us at (314) 469-1069 or eMail us via the “Contact Us” form well in advance prior to shipment and we’ll hold your order in will-call. We will inform you when the shipment is ready by eMail provided we have a current eMail address on file. If you don’t get a chance to pick-up your wines within a 40-day period your order will be shipped to the address we have on file for a nominal shipping fee.

What if I'm going to be gone at the time a shipment is due to be sent?

If you anticipate not being able to sign for the shipment please give us a call well in advance of the release date. We can make arrangements to delay your shipment for a little while or setup a delivery to an alternate address. Let’s talk about the other possibility; if you’re not home and an attempt is made to deliver a shipment to you. The delivery agent will either make two more attempts or will leave a notice that delivery was attempted asking you to call to make re-delivery arrangements. Here’s a suggestion – have your wine delivered to a business address. Keep in mind the law says it’s necessary to have a person 21 years of age or older sign for the shipment.

How do I change my membership information (i.e. address, phone, eMail, pw, etc.)?

Our website is designed for Wine Club members to have secured, private access to “Members-Only” information. After you login to the Yellow Farmhouse website (using your chosen “name” and “password”) the website’s navigation bar will change the “Member Login” to the “My Account” menu name. In your “My Account” page, which will remain accessible to you until you “logout” from your visit at, you may update your account information and change your password. That’s the easiest way to keep your account information current. By the way, for security reasons we do not keep your credit card information on the website. We have our online order system setup in such a way that when it comes time to complete the purchase the credit card information you enter is transacted to the appropriate credit card company but it’s not saved at our website. It’s the most secure way these days of conducting eCommerce over the Internet. Just looking out for you.

How do I cancel or rejoin?

If you should need to cancel your Wine Club membership there are two (2) preferred ways of contacting us. One way, is using the “Contact Us” form at our website. The other way is sending us a letter (i.e. – Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard & Winery, 100 Defiance Road @ Hwy 94, Defiance, MO 63341). After receiving your request look for an eMail acknowledging your request. Either way gives us a communications reference for our files. A membership cannot be cancelled if the account shows a pending order for will-call pickup. To reinstate your membership contact us, again, using the “Contact Us” form at our website. Thank you.