Equal parts sexy and equal parts cool, pet play is one of the most classic role play ideas that have been in practice since ages. The act is mostly performed in the dom-sub arena where the sub plays the role of an animal while the dom takes the role of its trainer or master. Humans are essentially animals at their core.  The pet play practice brings to life that animal instincts and allows the players to explore the fetish of sharing passionate moments with animals.

The most common animals impersonated in pet play sessions are dog and wolf. Players who embody the role of a particular animal have to behave in a way that animal does. For example, if it’s a dog, the sub has to be an affectionate and sweet pet who is always looking to cuddle up to his/her master. Their masters (read doms) would like them to respond in “woof” rather than human speech to create a realistic feel.  On the other hand, if the player is a wolf, s/he is supposed to be really aggressive whom the master has to tame. There is a concept of reward and punishment in pet play. If the master is happy with the behavior of the pet, s/he will reward the pet with caress, kiss and sex. But if the pet disobeys the master, s/he will be punished. Punishment in pet play can range from whipping to punching to kicking to rough sex.

Are you too interested to try out dog and wolf pet play with your partner? Well, that’s great and you will be glad to know that there is a bunch of dog and wolf dildos that would leverage your game to a new high.

Let’s have a look at the best dog and wolf dildos to liven up your pet play moments that you can also find from lovegasm.


Aptly named after the famous Fetish Zone, this toy represents a truly realistic dog penis. You will find it in both large and small sizes to choose from as per your experience level and preferences. Another great bit about the dildo is that it’s completely manufactured from 100 percent medical-quality silicone. Thus, you have a body-safe toy here which assures a convenient use without the worries of side-effects.

Interestingly, Kadahr is an inflatable dildo. Don’t go by its apparently small phallic body. Once it gets inside the body, it will inflate up into a considerable size to fill you up with a solid fullness. You can use it both on the vagina and anal.

The small version is 8.5” in length and the measurement is 4” from tip to the knot. The circumference of shaft is around 3.85”. After inflation, the size reaches to a huge 8.5”. On the other hand, the large variant stands out with  a massive 11” length. The measurement is 5” from tip to the knot. The circumference of shaft is around 6.75”. After inflation, the size reaches to a huge 11”.

Unlike many other inflated dildos that work with air, this one can hold warm water for that natural squishy feel.


Romi is one of the most sought-after dog dildos in the current market and for all the right reasons.

To start with, Romi has earned rave reviews for its realistic build. It’s made from TPE which assures a perfect skin-like feeling. On top of that, the material is always body-safe which eliminates risks of allergies or irritations on using the toy. Besides, the toy is a flexible number and bends as per the wishes of the user. Another great part about the toy is that it’s waterproof. So, if you are planning a shower sex with your pet canine, this dildo will be perfect for you.

The coolest part about the dildo is that it’s not only designed for a filling penetrative sex. In fact, it’s strategically crafted with a special tip for truly sensational clitoral and G-spot stimulation. This is not something that you get with every dildo out there. No wonder, female pet subs are extremely fond of Romi. In regards to measurements, this purple wonder stands tall with a length of 7.28”. It’s neither small nor too large. The shaft body features realistic veiny textures that allow extraordinary external stimulation.

The toy gets extra brownie points for its suction cup which allows seamless hands-free sex. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of holding the dildo for a prolonged time for penetrating your pet- you can make good use of the suction cup. Just stick it on to the wall and push your pet towards it so that the toy can penetrate her from the front and you from the back.


This is your perfect wolf dildo which will leave your wolf sub craving for more with every thrust. You have quite a solid girthy beast here which is both satisfying and versatile. The toy allows users to customize firmness, color and size so that s/he can enjoy a completely personalized experience.  It’s to stress here Razor strategically comes with a sculpted tip that allows easy penetration and also enhanced pleasure. The toy is manufactured from premium quality silicone which means there are no worries of allergies or other adverse reactions.

Another cool part of the toy is its small base that assures easy maneuvering both anally and vaginally. Razor is topped with a huge knot which means wider stretching as the toy goes inside the pet’s body. Although the toy comes in a small size yet it manages to impress with its amazing 5.85” knot circumference. The larger option boasts a 10.25” knot and 6.25” shaft. It’s to note here Razor is not exactly for beginners or who are not yet acquainted with large dildos. It’s better one gets accustomed to large dildos and then try out this amazing beast.

Winding up

Dog and wolf dildos are pretty huge. Thus, one must be careful to include a generous share of lube in the routine to enjoy seamless and pain-free penetration.